Cigar News: Cubariqueño Announces Protocol Jane DoeEarlier this year released a small batch cigar exclusive to Berkeley Humidor‬, the Protocol John Doe. It sold out quickly and as a follow-up, they are releasing the . The name refers to how authorities give names to unidentified persons and is fitting as they are not releasing blend information.

Cigar News: Cubariqueño Announces Protocol Jane DoeWe do know that the vitola is a 6 x 52 box press toro rolled at La Zona in Estelí, Nicaragua and that it will come in 10 count white papered bundles. The company is also not disclosing how many bundles were produced. They are priced at $99.99 per bundle and will be available first to attendees of the Cubariqueño 4 Year Anniversary Party held Saturday, June 1, 2019 at the Holiday Inn, Clinton NJ at 2pm at a special discount rate.

Cigar News: Cubariqueño Announces