Cigar News: Debonaire House | Soon to End Distribution Agreement With Drew Estate

For close to three years, Drew Estate has been handling the distribution for Debonaire House.  As of January 1, 2019, Debonaire House will handle their own United States distribution.

Debonaire House will directly manage all U.S. operations including distribution, sales, and marketing.  The company has agreed to a partnership with United Parcel Service (UPS), and “Cigars Direct” which allows them to ship their and Debonaire cigars directly from their factory to cigar retailers here in the United States.

“Working with the great team at Drew Estate over the past two and a half years has been a rewarding experience. I am blessed and humbled by the successful partnership our companies have enjoyed together, and likewise blessed by a twenty-year plus friendship with . Debonaire House has now reached the point where we need to possess captive distribution for our Debonaire Ultra Premium, and Debonaire House brands, and today’s announcement is an important milestone in the ongoing evolution of our company. We are very excited about the future of the Debonaire Ideal and look forward to the next chapter in our company’s journey.” said III, President of Debonaire House, said,

The partnership between Drew Estate and Debonaire House will continue through 2018.  During the 2018 trade show, Debonaire House will be featured both in Drew Estate’s booth #1814 and in Debonaire House’s factory booth #2260 where customers are encouraged to stop by and try all products.

, President of Drew Estate, commented “The relationship of Debonaire House and Drew Estate goes back over 20 years. We are super excited to have played a role in bringing Debonaire House Products to Market and being part of the Debonaire Ideal journey.”