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Tag: Indian Motorcycle

Cigar News: Debonaire House Announces Indian Motorcycle Shade Worldwide Release

In April, the Indian Motorcycle Shade was announced as a Canadian exclusive. Now, Debonaire House & Indian Motorcycle have announced the Indian Motorcycle Shade for Worldwide Release. This will now be a part of the company’s core line. Indian Motorcycle Cigars is a licensed partnership between Debonaire House & Indian Motorcycle / Polaris.

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Cigar News: Debonaire House | Soon to End Distribution Agreement With Drew Estate

For close to three years, Drew Estate has been handling the distribution for Debonaire House.  As of January 1, 2019, Debonaire House will handle their own United States distribution. Debonaire House will directly manage all U.S. operations including distribution, sales, and marketing.  The company has agreed to a partnership with United Parcel Service (UPS), and “Cigars Direct” which allows them to ship their Indian Motorcycle and Debonaire cigars directly from their Dominican Republic factory to cigar retailers here in the United States.

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