Friday, August 18, 2017 — Miami, FL- announces today the exclusive release of the Undercrown Maduro and Herrera Estelí blends in a box press Cuadrado format for JRCigars and Casa de Montecristo. The cigars are available today in 10-count soft packs.

The Undercrown Maduro Cuadrado is a 6.5 x 44 lonsdale featuring a rich San Andres Mexican wrapper, a Connecticut River Valley Stalk Cut & Cured Sun Grown Binder, filler from Brazil and .  The Undercrown Maduro is a blend developed on the factory floor utilizing primings not used in the Liga Privada blends by the rollers of Liga Privada for their own smoking pleasure.

The Cuadrado is a 6.5 x 44 Lonsdale featuring a lush Ecuadorian habano wrapper with a Honduran habano binder and Nicaraguan fillers. The blend is Cubanesque taste that is exceptionally creamy with great balance of spice and sweet. ​

, Master Blender at , “One of my favorite vitolas I have blended at is the Norteno lonsdale because of how the smoke hits your palate, so we re-worked the blend of Undercrown Maduro, in this box press format using my experience of blending with Mexican San Andreas Wrapper with the Norteno. The Cuadrado shines in this size. Unlike my other exclusives which feature different blends of the , this one remains exactly the same as the original just in the box pressed lonsdale format. It’s just damn good.”​

  • Undercrown Maduro Cuadrado- 6.5×44 Lonsdale (MSRP $74.00 /10-count softpack)
  • Cuadrado- 6.5×44 Lonsdale (MSRP $105.50 /10-count softpack)

The Undercrown Maduro Cuadrado and Herrera Estelí Cuadrado are available today.