Cigar News: Ezra Zion form Partnership With Oak & Eden Whiskey


Ezra Zion announced a new company venture. They have formed a  partnership with Oak & Eden Inspired Whiskey, rounding out the ownership team which includes brothers Joe and Jamie Giildenzopf.  Joe serves as the CEO and Jamie is the master distiller.

Republic National Distributing Company will handle the distribution for Oak & Eden. RNDC is of the nation’s largest spirit distributors. The official launch of Oak & Eden will be in April, 2018 across Texas, and will include much of the rest of country over the remainder of the year. The launch will consist of Oak & Eden Bourbon and Oak & Eden Rye.


“We’re elated to bring innovative, small-batch, ‘boutique’ whiskeys to our friends in the cigar community.” stated Kyle Hoover, Ezra Zion co-owner. “Everyone knows there’s nothing better than having a great cigar and whiskey. It’s absolute heaven.”

“We’re excited to introduce Joe to the cigar community. He’s a total genius. Having him at the helm of Oak & Eden is epic. The level of palate sophistication and blending aptitude on this team is legendary!” added Chris Kelly, Ezra Zion co-owner.


Oak & Eden whiskeys are very unique in that they are “in-bottle finished” with a patented spire technology.  This allows for a variety of diverse finishes.  (photo source:

“We say that the spire is ‘Better than a barrel’ because the surface area ratio of oak wood to liquor is higher with our spire than a barrel. It makes a superior whiskey. It’s an evolution in whiskey making that we’ve perfected and patented.” added Joe Giildenzopf.

Ezra Zion will also release a line of Oak & Eden whiskey inspired cigars. Each cigar will be blended as an optimum pairing for each individual whiskey.

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