Quick Cigar Review: Ezra Zion | Snowman

Cigar Info

The is part of the Cigar & Coffee of the Month exclusive release for January 2019. The wrapper is and binder/fillers are extra viejo tobaccos from and San Andres.  The cigar came in one size and that is of a 6×48.


Quick Cigar Review: Ezra Zion | Snowman

Quick Cigar Review: |

It’s a nicely put together cigar at first glance. The band has an intriguing design, the wrapper is almost seamless and uniform in color, and there’s a nice weight to the cigar but it’s not heavy. There’s no soft spots and the wrapper is smooth to the touch with a well applied double cap. The foot has a light baking spice and slightly peppery finish.

First Third

There’s a rich heavy cream, bitter almond, and leather that starts the cigar off. The lasting note is a rich dry leather but all three flavors together create an almost salted caramel flavor. The retro-hale is entirely heavy cream. If the profile continues like this it’s a great morning cigar.

Second Third

Quick Cigar Review: Ezra Zion | Snowman

Quick Cigar Review: |

There’s a nice level of pepper that begins at the beginning at the second third. It’s not super aggressive but wakes the palate up. Dry leather, dark chocolate, and almonds round out a really solid second third. There’s a slight sweetness that pops up occasionally with a hit of heavy cream and it’s hard not to think of it as a cigar smokers candy. Just after the halfway point black licorice pops in intermittently with a cedar finish that completely changes the profile.

Final Third

Black licorice, cedar, heavy cream, and almonds are the constant flavors this third. There’s a very mild pepper that most would probably wouldn’t notice. The smoke output has increased over the previous two thirds tremendously but the smoke has a very dry mouth feel.

Overall Impressions

I am very impressed with this cigar overall and wish I had more to smoke. The profile changes kept me engaged throughout and the changes were so dramatic that it almost felt like smoking multiple great cigars. The burn was razor sharp but the foot of the cigar was a little loose which made the smoke output a little thin till the final third.

Total Score - Great


Quick Cigar Review: |