Cigar News: Fratello Collaborates with Adroit Brewery to Make Terminal DescentToday, Omar de Frias of Cigars announced a collaboration with to make an Imperial Stout Beer that is called .

“This is the part of me that geeks out about our space program. occurs in the portion of the Entry, Descent and Landing phase of a mission in which final preparation for landing occurs.” said de Frias.

The beer was designed to pair with the  Bianco. “ Bianco is all about earthiness, cocoa, coffee notes and liquor.” said de Frias “We felt like Bianco would be fantastic for this pairing as we brewed with Chocolate Malt for sweetness and Chocolate Rye for a spicy bite without the normal astringency or bitterness associated with such a deep roast.” said Mark Osbourne owner of Adroit.

The beer will be available May 1st at 19 Total Wine Stores in Virginia, 2 Total Wine Stores in Maryland, Adroit’s tasting room, and Cigar Events in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia.