Cigar News: General Cigar Announces Punch Chop Suey

Cigar News: General Cigar Announces Punch Chop Suey

Cigar News: General Cigar Announces Punch Chop SueyGeneral Cigar has announced a followup to their successful 2019’s Punch Egg Roll cigar. In 2020, the year of the rat, they will release the limited-edition Punch Chop Suey.

Cigar News: General Cigar Announces Punch Chop SueyEd Lahmann, senior brand manager of Punch and the creator of Chop Suey said, “We had a lot of fun with Punch Egg Roll last year so we decided to come out with a similar release for 2020. With its panatela size, this cigar delivers a great smoking experience in a format that really lets the tobaccos shine through. And with an SRP of less than $6 per cigar, Chop Suey hits that post-holiday sweet spot for cigar lovers.”

The cigar is rolled at General Cigar Dominicana in Santiago, DR. The blend for Punch Chop Suey starts with a an Ecuadoran Sumatra wrapper, uses a Nicaraguan binder, and finishes with Nicaraguan and Dominican fillers. The cigar only comes in one vitola, a 7” x 37 Panatela with a 1” shaggy foot.  Packing will be a Chinese food takeout-style bundle box with a shout out to the Year of the Rat containing 25 cigars. The inside bands of the cigars will also feature a fortune courtesy of Mr. Punch and there are five fortunes in total.

Ed Lahmann added “The fortunes are coming from Mr. Punch, so expect a couple of friendly jabs and ‘inspirations’ from the snarky Punch mascot.”

Chop Suey only be sold at brick and mortar stores and will ship mid-February. Production will be limited to 3,650 bundles. Each cigar sells for $5.49.