Cigar News: Gurkha Names Jim Colucci COO & President Cigars today named a new COO and President, Jim Colucci. Colucci, of Sindicato Cigars is now handing day-to-day operations. He has been president and CEO of Sindicato for 6 years and before that EVP of marketing with Altadis.

“I look forward to working with the team and evolving what is already a great cigar company,” Colucci said. “I will remain as President and CEO of Sindicato, which will continue to be a stand alone company, shipping and invoicing its products to all customers.”

This hire came about as a result of conversations regarding using their sales team to rep Sindicato Cigars Brands. This will also allow Kaizad Hanisota , CEO to pursue his other business ventures.

“Jim Colucci is a very well respected cigar industry veteran,” said Kaizad Hansotia, ’s Founder and CEO. “For years he has been both my friend and mentor and now he is the COO and President of Cigars. With the addition of Colucci’s industry knowledge and business acumen can only continue to grow and excel,” he added.