Cigar News: Jose Blanco Blends INVICTIS

Hamilton, Ohio – July 9, 2014

Cigar News: Jose Blanco Blends INVICTIS
Cigar News: Jose Blanco Blends INVICTIS

John Johnson, President of Tre-J Cigars announced a BLENDING agreement between Jose Blanco and Company CEO, Jay Clark. “Although Jose is very busy with his own brand, I was fortunate enough to convince him to assist us in blending INVICTISTM. Development and sampling to a multinational taste panel is underway so as to choose a blend which best represents the unconquered spirit of INVICTISTM. The Trademarked brand is inspired by a poem by William Ernest Henley in which the last two lines are: “I am the Master of my fate, I am the Captain of my soul.” Jose and I thought this spirit is an eternal driving force for success in any of life’s endeavors. We agreed that Jose would have 100% creative input on the blend.”, said Clark.

The brand is being Hand Rolled by Tabacalera Palma (Dominican Republic) using a combination of “Blanco” select tobaccos. The initial offering of the Blanco creation is expected to be rolled in 4 sizes. There remains much work to be done and a launch date has yet to be determined, although sometime in the second half of 2014 is anticipated.

The brand will compliment the company’s VICARIASTM brand which launched in March.

We look forward to visiting with everyone at the IPCPR, Booth 4337.

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Cigar News: Jose Blanco Blends INVICTIS