Cigar News: Mombacho to Distribute in SpainSpain marks the 15th country to receive distribution from Cigars S.A. This new distribution comes through SLU and begins January 2020. The new partnership begins with the company’s Tierra Volcan and Liga Maestro brands, which they have already received.

“Since years ago, I’ve been in constant contact with executives about distributing Cigars in Spain, the largest premium cigar market in Europe and I’m extremely happy to have a partner there. Our goal in 2020 is to keep expanding worldwide; I’m thrilled that Cigars are represented by such a serious and renowned company and that we are now available in Spain, the country that historically started the premium cigar business”, said , President and Master Blender of Cigars.

“I have known since many years now and I have had the privilege of visiting him many times in Granada (). In my first visit to Casa Favilli, I was gladly surprised by its beauty, a historical colonial mansion converted into a cigar factory and perfectly preserved thanks to ’s work. produces cigars of the best quality with a focus on small batches, at their boutique factory, it is an honor for to be chosen by Cigars as their partner in Spain”, said Ramon Zapata, President of .