Unicorns do exist.  should know.  He created the .  The , to be exact.  Saka first mentioned the unique and ultra-limited cigar on a platform back in mid-December, 2017.

Saka described the journey and final decision to produce this cigar in great detail on Facebook.  “It is a very very very small project I undertook after having experienced smoking some of those $250 – $2,000 cigars that have been proliferated into the marketplace in recent years. Some by legit makers, others by not so legit imo.” said Saka.

In the end, Saka decided on a 6.25 x 60 Diadema vitola for the .  The cigars are molded in custom molds based on a prototype that was turned on a lathe by Saka himself.  “Lucky I still have all my fingers.” said Saka.


Saka also mentioned the painstaking process through which they selected the tobaccos for this cigar.  Essentially, after sorting over 6,000 pounds of leaf they chose only the absolute best to go into the .  Only about 1% of the leaf was high enough quality for this once in a lifetime cigar.  Aside from a wrapper and Nicaraguan filler, that is all we currently know about the leaf chosen for the .

The will be available on an ultra-limited basis in mid January, 2018.  It will only be made available to select retailers of products.  The price is set at $100 per cigar.  As mentioned on Facebook “I don’t wanna be in the crazy $100 cigar business, it really was just a cool pet project that got a little out of control.” 


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