Ever since Daniel Marshall made his first humidor back in 1982, his products have become synonymous with quality, luxury, and craftsmanship.  In addition to desktop humidors Daniel Marshall also has an extensive line of other cigar accessories, as well as some very nice cigars like the recently reviewed Red Label Corona made at the factory in Esteli, Nicaragua.  At the 2018 IPCPR trade show in Las Vegas they will introduce an array of new products.  Here is a rundown of what we will see from Daniel Marshall this year.

Worldwide Tour with Balvenie Whisky
The DM Nationwide tour with Balvenie Whisky will allow dealers to sign up for an in-store visit with Daniel Marshall and a Balvenie Whisky brand ambassador for a tasting event of DM Cigars and Balvenie Whisky.  Select dealers will be offered to host a “Golden Moment” Event with the DM 24kt Golden Cigar, the official celebratory cigar.

Passion for Harleys Program
DM will introduce a bespoke humidor program called “Passion for Harleys” wherein a customer can order a bespoke Daniel Marshall hand carved alder wood humidor with their own derby cover bolted on that matches their own, including the Harley vin number carved into the top.  DM will also be making a series featuring the famous “Fat Boy” derby cover from the same kind of motorcycle used in the Terminator films. It will be auctioned off for charity and carries a retail value of $1295



Final Edition of 35th Anniversary Humidor

The final version of the DM 35th Anniversary humidor, made from Macassar Ebony and containing a bottle of 21 Year Old Glenfiddich. This humidor was inspired by the very first humidor Daniel made back in 1982 and it carries a retail value of $1495

35th Anniversary DM Cigar

The 35th Anniversary Daniel Marshall Cigar will offered in 4 sizes.  This special line of cigars have been box aged for 2 years, and feature 7 year old tobaccos.  It is blended and made to demonstrate the benefits of box-aging cigars in DM Humidors.  It carries the same band as the DM Red label with a secondary white band with the marking “XXXV” in gold.  MSRP will range from $15/cigar – $18/cigar.

DM Affordable Luxury Collection
The Ambiente by Daniel Marshall Collection will also make a debut athe the trade show.  While more affordable, the Ambiente collection humidors are still beautifully crafted in Maple, Macassar Ebony, Bubinga and Lacewood, but pricing starts at only $395.  As a bonus, the are also fitted with a holder for a new DM rechargeable humidity element.




Daniel Marshall Cigarillo Cases
A new classic case for carrying small cigarillos in your pocket will also be brought to market.  They are carved out of Macassar Ebony and can hold up to eight cigarillos in the flat version and 10 in the oval version.  Each is fitted with a solid brass plate for engraving.  This unique design holds international design patents, and uses the world’s strongest rare earth magnets hold the lid closed with a distinctive snap. MSRP $195



The World Exclusive Art Cigar
A very special cigar and humidor set, each of which are absolute works of art, and made to order for each customer.  Presented in a set of 5 cigars, each hand painted with edible ink paintings of Koi fish.  Also. a humidor with a 24kt gold covered lid and Koi fish artwork.  The humidors are crafted in California and shipped to Germany to be painted, and to have the gold leaf applied by the master cathedral restorer that restored the Sistine Chapel.  The gold cigars are made by DM, signed by DM and then shipped to Germany for painting of the Koi in edible ink.  The humidor and cigars are signed by DM and the Humidor is also numbered and signed by the artist in Germany.  MSRP will be $4995/set of 5