Cigar News: Plasencia Announces Year of the Ox has announced a new release for international markets: . Unfortunately that means that we won’t be seeing them in the U.S. but 2,500 boxes will be sold out of the U.S.

Cigar News: Plasencia Announces Year of the OxLike many other cigar companies, has decided to make a cigar celebrating the Chinese Zodia Calendar with next year (2021) being the . The cigar itself measure 7 x 58 and is a Salomon. It is described as a medium strength cigar that is full flavored. Each box contains 8 cigars and each cigar sells for $35 per cigar or $280 for a box.

Cigar News: Plasencia Announces Year of the OxOxen are in Chinese culture because of their role in agriculture. They are recognized for their hardworking, honest, and humble disposition. Never the center of attention, and never looking for praise, the Ox gains its recognition through its labor. The family felt it important to recognize the hard-working agriculturists and farmers, who like the Ox are never the center of attention but continue to be the backbone of the cigar industry. Growing tobacco since 1865, the family felt that creating the “” would perfectly align with their traditions and passion for tobacco.

Cigar News: Plasencia Announces Year of the Ox CEO Nestor Andres say, “The “” is dedicated to the hard-working people who are in the trenches, cultivating the very tobacco we used in this blend. We at the family consider ourselves farmers first. Since 1865, our family has gained invaluable tobacco knowledge, born of unwavering hard work and dedication. “The ” celebrates that passion.”