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Cigar News:

When it wasn’t raining, the RMCF was a lot of fun. I got to meet and talk with friends new and old, including , Pete Johnson, Janny Garcia, , Glenn Case, George Rico, and Eddie Ortega. There was plenty of food, and lots of cigars to try. Nothing too new and exciting, but I did get my hands on some of the new Ortega Mini’s and a Dirty Rat. I’ll happily report back on both later on. This was the third year for the festival, each year in the same place, in the Millennium Hotel in Boulder, CO. This year it felt very crowded, there were easily twice as many people as years before, and I can only hope that next year they will find a bigger venue. I’m excited to see this thing growing each year, and it’s nice to have a Colorado event of this size, hopefully it will continue to get even bigger as the years progress. Maybe you will see a BMP tent someday…

Cigar News: Rocky Mountain Cigar Festival

Hanging out with Pete Johnson and Janny Garcia

Cigar News:



The is located in the heart of Boulder, Colorado at the iconic Millennium Harvest House Hotel. The festival attracts consumers that are geared toward premium high-end product – including premium cigarshand-crafted brews, unique wine and spiritsfine automobiles, excellent food and everything encompassing the finer things in life.

Event Attendees have the chance to mingle with the most prominent cigar manufacturers and celebrities from around the world. All attendees purchasing a cigar ticket will be provided with an official festival bag containing over 20 premium cigars samples, cutter, lighter, festival glass, t-shirt, drink tickets and much more. Each attendee is provided with a free meal. Various ticket levels are offered to suit your needs. Please see the ticket section for more information on these ticket levels.

The festival runs from 12 – 7pm for VIP attendees and 1 – 7pm for all other attendees.

Highlights of the Festival

  • Over 1,500 Consumers of Premium Cigars & Fine Product
  • The Top Premium Cigar Manufacturers from around the world
  • Craft Brew, Fine Wines, Local Spirits, Great Food
  • Live Music, Exotic Automobiles, Guns, Billiards & More.