Cigar News: Terence Reilly Leaves Quesada Cigars


After more than eight years with , has turned in his resignation. Tomorrow, October 31st 2017, is his last day.

Reilly was not only ’s national sales manager, he is a member of the family and was instrumental in leading creative projects for Oktoberfest, Heisenberg, Domus Magnus and Fonseca Nicaragua.

“After much thought and sleepless nights, I have decided to resign my position at to explore new opportunities for my professional growth,” said Reilly in a release. “The company is heading in a new direction, and I wish them much success in years to come.”

Reilly joined the business in June 2009. He moved to Santiago in the Dominican Republic where he worked for five months at the factory before moving to Miami to oversee ’s distribution center and U.S. headquarters, which operates as SAG Imports Inc.

Though his time in the factory was intended to give him a comprehensive understanding of the production process, his primary task was to co-manage the sales team in the U.S., but his roles were quite numerous. At the same time, Reilly was responsible for logistics, marketing and, more recently, FDA compliance. By 2015, Reilly became the national sales manager.

In addition, Reilly also collaborated with the factory to select blends for new cigars and create the subsequent marketing to support those brands. His time was split between the factory in Santiago, company headquarters in Miami and retail events around the country.

For Reilly, was a family business. Company owner Manuel “Manolo” is a first cousin once removed, though given the age difference and relationship, Reilly often referred to as his uncle.

“[Terence] will always be in our hearts and minds,” said. “We wish him all the best in whatever path he chooses for his future. The honor and privilege has also been ours.”

Source: Cigar Aficionado