Cigar News: The LH Claro Returns to the Market

Cigar News: The LH Claro Original Returns to Wide Release

Nick Syris released the LH Premium Cigars brand to the United States in 2014.  In that release, the LH Claro was one of the blends that was introduced.  The LH Claro originally came clad in a black and gold band over a Connecticut Shade wrapper leaf.  Nick did some rebranding in 2015 on the entire LH line of premium cigars, and he also took some time during that period to make some changes to the blend of the LH Claro.

Cigar News: The LH Claro Returns to the Market

The re-blended LH Claro was successful in the marketplace, there was one retailer who asked Syris to continue supplying him with the original LH Claro blend (with the black band). Since the retailer made such a commitment to the brand, Syris decided to keep supplying the original LH Claro to this retailer, along with the new LH Claro blend.

“The response of people asking for the original LH Claro blend has been overwhelming. I soon realized, there was room for both Claro blends in my portfolio; therefore I decided to make the original LH Claro, complete with the original black bands available to select LH retailers,” said Syris.

News started to travel of an LH Cigar with a black band. Retailers and consumers alike were contacting Syris about getting the “black banded” LH Cigar. Syris knew that they all meant the original LH Claro blend.

Sayis added, “When the original LH Claro blend came out, the market wasn’t ready for a bolder style Connecticut Shade blend. However, there has been a recent trend for a Connecticut Shade cigar of this type. It made a lot of sense to offer the original LH Claro to satisfy smokers looking for that bolder Connecticut Shade and keep the new LH Claro to satisfy those looking for a traditional Connecticut Shade.”

Cigar News: The LH Claro Returns to the Market

The original LH Claro is wrapped in an Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade leaf over Nicaraguan, Peruvian, and Brazilian tobaccos. They are packaged in 20-count boxes and available in the same sizes from the original release.

Available Sizes:
LH52 (5 x 52)
LH55 (5 1/2 x 55)
LH60 (6 x 60)
Orders by retailers can be placed for the LH Claro and all of the LH lines at the 2018 IPCPR trade show Las Vegas.

Information Credit: Cigar Coop (used by permission)

Photo Credits: LH Premium Cigars/Cigar Coop