Cigar News: United Cigars Announces Series Unidas Starting in May, a new series of collaborations will be shipping from . The series is Series Unidas and the first to to market is a collaboration with Hammer & Sickle Cigars. The project was started back in early 2018 but halted following the unexpected death of President of Cigars Eric P. Hanson.

Cigar News: United Cigars Announces Series UnidasErik Wentworth, Executive Vice President of Hammer & Sickle Cigars said, “The cigars were made and packaging idea’s discussed, but after Eric’s passing everything was put on hold. These cigars have been resting for over one year now and have aged beautifully.”

Oliver Nivuad Director of Sales & Marketing for said, “To have had the chance to work with Hanson on this was reward enough, he was an incredibly talented man with the driest sense of humor. But to see this finalized and ready for market is amazing.”

The project was picked back up again In January 2019 by Erik Wentworth and Oliver Nivaud. The blend was created from Hanson’s palette of his favorite tobaccos from the Davidoff Factory in the Dominican Republic to emulate the Hammer & Sickle profile. The cigars come in boxes of 20 and have the branding from both companies. The also feature a unique tamper proof security measure with the zip tie. Production is limited to 300 boxes that sell for $180 per box, or $9 per cigar. The vitola is a 6 ¾ x 46.