We are very pleased to be teaming up with Stogie Friends in their support of the and their raffle that they are putting on right now. It is a great cause.

What is ?
is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization. They seek to transform the lives of millions of children in underprivileged communities by focusing on academic excellence and character development.  Working in collaboration with volunteers from around the world, they aim to foster a love for learning among primary school children, while supporting character development through community service and teamwork so that children can succeed both inside and outside the classroom.  Through the projects that they undertake, they will help to enable children in underprivileged communities to fully capitalize on their talents and aspirations leading to fulfilling careers and socially responsible citizenship in their local communities.

What Will My Donation Go Towards?
In accordance with the One Desk mission statement, we like to leave a global footprint wherever we go. For our trip to the Dominican Republic, we would like to donate a playground to the children of the Dominican Republic. We are asking that volunteers seek donations to meet this goal.

The cost for this playground is $25,000. Hopefully we can help out a little bit in getting them closer to their goal.

How to Enter
Easy! Donate to .

$10.00 Donation gets you 1 entry
$20.00 Donation gets you 3 entries
$50.00 Donation gets you 10 entries
$100.00 Donation gets you 25 entries

Click Here To Donate Now
Once a donation is made to One Desk please send an email, with amount of your donation, and screen name (if you’re a member of ) to Daniel (aka Amaro5211) at amaro5211@hotmail.com.
He will verify the donation with and add them to a spread sheet.

When is the Drawing?
Once the auction ends, on March 20, numbers will be drawn and winners will be notified via message on or via email for non members.

What Are the Prizes?
Click here to see the list of prizes.

Click Here To Donate Now
To encourage you to spread the word and help to bring in more donations,  is giving away a 5-pack of cigars to a random winner who shares this page with their friends. There are a number of ways you can share to win. Follow this link for the bonus .

Bonus Prize:
Opus X Lost City Double Robusto
Nica Rustica
Headley Grange Corona Gorda
God of Fire Series B Robusto Gordo
My Father Lounge Exclusive