Dunbarton Ships StillWell Star Holiday Y2022 - Cigar News

Dunbarton Ships StillWell Star Holiday Y2022 – Cigar News

has started shipping the inaugural annual Holiday release of its cigar using luxury pipe tobacco. The cigar itself, simply called the “”, is a blend of traditional black cigar tobaccos combined with a unique custom crafted aromatic pipe blend from the pipe tobacco maker Cornell & Diehl.

“A tradition in Pipe Culture is for carvers to craft one-off pipe designs and for blenders to create special mixtures to smoke and celebrate the Holidays. In honor of this practice, it was always my intention to follow suit within our line of puros. This year's release is a delightful aromatic puro with a carefully balanced selection of mild Cavendish Burley and choice Virginia tobaccos incorporated. Unlike the Aromatic No. 1 in the core line, this Holiday release does not feature a dulce cabeza, however the tobaccos themselves are wonderfully sweet to the tongue – the flavor and aroma are nothing short of exceptional. Personally, I find the smoking experience to be like sipping a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows fireside. It is nuanced and balanced, a very deftly executed blending of cigar and pipe tobaccos that evokes the emotion of enjoying a relaxed Christmas morning.

, the founder of DTT

The cigar is produced at Joya de Nicaragua, S. A. and comes in just one size, a 6.00 x 52 parejo ringed with snow white bands. The cigars come in boxes of 13 that contain a shelf talker describing the blend. MSRP is set at $15.30 MSRP each stick.