Epic Cigars Announces A Bronx Tale, by Chazz Palminteri - Cigar News

Epic Cigars Announces A Bronx Tale, by Chazz Palminteri – Cigar News

Cigars has announced a brand new cigar, , by . In addition to Palminteri, the cigar is a collaboration with Paul DiSilvio of La Casa Grande Tobacco Company.

You are probably familiar with , a critically acclaimed play turned movie classic and musical. What you may not know, is that they were written and created by . The grandson of immigrants, Mr. Palminteri has dedicated this cigar to his grandfather, Calogero, and to all hardworking families who came to the United States to establish a better life. is a culturally significant classic with an impact on popular culture. In the film, we see a young boy who grows up in the Bronx, torn between the values of his hardworking father and the allure of the local mob boss. The play and film explores themes of loyalty, family, and the struggle to find one's identity in a changing world.

Also from the Bronx, La Casa Grande Tobacco Company is known for its premium cigars, which are handmade in the Bronx factory and sold in the company's retail shop. DiSilvio teamed up with of Cigars and Zander-Greg Imports to bring Palminteri's long time desire to have a cigar carrying the iconic name and matching its story.

The cigar is described as a medium to full-bodied. It comes in one size, a box-pressed (6 x 54), featuring a Cuban seed Ecuador wrapper, Dominican binder, and a combination of Dominican and Nicaraguan fillers.

will celebrate the launch of his cigar on June 28th in the Bronx at the La Casa Grande cigar shop. The private party is limited to ticketed guests and will feature food, drinks and a box of for each attendee.

On July 8th and 9th, Mr. Palminteri will be at the trade show to showcase the cigar at the Zander-Greg booth (#7079). Boxes will be available for purchase on those dates, purchasers will have a chance to meet and receive a signed poster.