Ferio Tego Announces Regular Production Summa - Cigar News

Ferio Tego Announces Regular Production Summa – Cigar News

Up until now, 's new cigars (not originally Nat Sherman) were limited to annual limited releases, Elegancia and Generoso. Now, the company has announced their first core line under the flagship brand, .

The word means a ‘comprehensive work', a ‘summary or a synthesis of the body of work' thus far. is a blend that embodies the diversity and complexity of the Portfolio. The blend highlights the incredible trifecta of body, flavor and intensity… and maximizes those levels with wonderful balance.


The is described as full flavored and full bodied with an intensity that is present, but graceful.

is rolled in the , with a blend of tobaccos from three countries. The wrapper is an Ecuador-grown wrapper, followed by an Ecuador grown Sumatra binder. The double Ecuador wrapper/binder is said to enhance the viscous mouth feel and finish. The fillers combine Nicaraguan and Dominican tobaccos, utilizing the relationship of leaf position and aging to lead with flavor and body while balancing strength and avoiding ferocity. The initial four vitolas are Corona Gorda (5.75” x 46, $18.00 per cigar), (5” x 50, $19.00 per cigar), Torpedo (6.25” x 52, $20.00 per cigar), and Gordo (6” x 60, $21.00 per cigar). Each format is presented in hinged, Okume boxes of ten cigars.

started shipping at the end of June and is scheduled to be featured at the 2023 Convention and Trade show in Las Vegas in July. is distributed by USA throughout the United States.