General Cigar Announces Fireball Cinnamon Cigar - Cigar News

General Cigar Announces Fireball Cinnamon Cigar – Cigar News

General Cigar has announced a new cigar with a fiery hot cinnamon flavor inspired by Fireball Cinnamon Whisky. The cigar was made in partnership with Fireball Whisky and are rolled in the Dominican Republic. The blend uses an Indonesian wrapper, Dominican binder, and Dominican filler tobaccos. A proprietary flavoring process is used to infuse the sweet heat of spicy cinnamon.

Fireball cigars are a regular production product and come a cigarillo and a corona size. The cigarillo measure 4 x 30, has an MSRP of $2.70 and comes in tins of 10 selling for $27.00. The corona measure 6.25 x 44, has an MSRP of $6.00 and comes in 5-packs that sell for $30.00. The new cigars will first be sold at Thompson Cigar and then later at Cigars International (online and retail),, and a variety of other online and brick & mortar retailers. National wholesale distribution of Fireball flavored cigars will be handled through Meier & Dutch. The cigars are available now for pre-order, and will ship in mid-June.

Fireball is one of the most celebratory and sought-after spirits on the market and we’re proud to bring that unmistakable experience to life for our customers. For us, Fireball speaks to disrupting the market with a cigar that’s totally fun and unexpected and we’re confident this new line will be an instant hit.

Kevin Irvine, product coordinator of Scandinavian Tobacco Group’s (STG) Online and Retail division

Fireball Whisky traces its roots all the way to Canada, made using real cinnamon spices and can be enjoyed straight up as an ice-cold shot or a mixer.