David “Doc” Diaz runs the sites stogiefresh.info and stogierate.com and puts on a weekly podcast called Stogie Fresh 5. I’ve listened to his podcast for quite some time and he has mentioned on various occasions that he does not care for blind reviews. I thought I would reach out to “Doc” and introduce him to Blind Man’s Puff and hear his thoughts on the site. “Doc” responded very promptly with a well thought out email explaining to me his reasons for not caring for the blind review process over other review methods. He was very complimentary of our site and liked the amount of work we have put into it and wished us future success. I have always found “Doc” to be a very positive influence in the cigar industry and very supportive of the other “new media” members out there (blogs, websites, podcasts, etc.).

After our email exchange, I figured I would keep “Doc” in the loop of our future progress and meet up with him at the upcoming Crush and Roll West (another venture he’s a large part of) to share a cigar and libation. I never expected that he would mention us on his latest podcast, Episode 369.

If you don’t already listen to Stogie Fresh 5 or visit Stogie Fresh and Stogie Rate, I highly recommend that you take a look and listen.