you think you have what it takes to review cigars for us? Now is your chance! As we are expanding and growing, the time has come to take on some more review panelists to join our panel. If you think you have what it takes, click the button below to fill out an application. If accepted, you will receive a batch of cigars with blank bands every couple months and will be asked to review them without you knowing what they are. In addition to enjoying these cigars, you will also be sent extra cigars (with bands) for you to just enjoy as a thank you. You will also be eligible to go with us to cigar events in the future such as the PCA .

The more experience smoking cigars the better, and any references or previous review you have written you can provide are really appreciated. Don’t worry if you haven’t done reviews professionally before, most of our reviewers haven’t, they just really know their stuff and smoke lots of cigars. Also, if you have applied before, but were not selected, please apply again! There were so many qualified people last time we just couldn’t pick everyone.