IPCPR 2017 - Curivari - Blind Man's PuffOur reviewer Mickey spoke to about , where he was taken on a tour of the booth. started in Europe in 1997, but didn’t start developing the brand until 2003. In 2010 they decided to go full Nicaraguan tobacco. Andres claims there are no Ecuadorian wrappers whatsoever.

Andres studied food science and agriculture, so he knows what he wants, and fell in love with , so he started his own factory where he buys only Esteli tobacco. He told Mickey that he makes 250,000 cigars a day, which are all draw tested and his cigars are only in 10 count boxes, so the draw on every cigar has to be perfect.

has fine tuned the Cuban heritage with his cigars, his original cigars’s bands all represent the Cuban cigar that it mirrors. All cigars are medium to full flavored.

has been very very busy, they are coming out with 17 new cigars this year, 9 are based around Greek Mythology, which contain 5 sizes of each, and the others are extensions of their regular blends.

The new cigars are as follows: Archimedes, Pythagoras, Epitome (Greek for Peak), Socrates, Aristoteles, La Democracia, Onassis, Ciclope, and Centauro.

New sizes for their regular lines: Sun Grown, Sun Grown Maduro, Vintage (contains 5-6 year old tobacco), Anniversario 1997, Grand Cru, Gran Reserva, Virtudes, Achilles (which has 12 sizes).