IPCPR 2017 – Cigars – Blind Man’s Puff

IPCPR 2017 – Espinosa Cigars – Blind Man’s PuffThere is never a doubt that you know you have stepped into the Cigar booth at IPCPR. You are met with their lush BRIGHT orange carpet (’s favorite color and also the color they used on their Laranja)

This year focused on that launch of 2 new cigars and the rebranding/tweaking of 2 older classics in their line.  At the show they released the new Reggae and Reggae Dread.   The Reggae will be released regularly, but on a limited schedule, while the Reggae Dread is only out for this year until its gone.  Both were described to us by Hector Aflonso as a Nicaraguan Cigar with Jamaican tobacco.  The Dread uses the 601 La Bomba fuse, but instead of one, it has 4-5 to make it look like the cigar has dreads.

also relaunched the Murcielago.  Erick stated that himself and Hector worked with AJ Fernandez to tweak the blend back to what it originally was when it was first released.  The Murcielago has always been Erik’s favorite cigar and he is excited that is back to it’s full glory and the way he wants it to taste.  Along with the slight tweak to the blend also unveiled the new “3D” bat silver and black bat logo on the cigar band and box which, I have to say, looks pretty sweet.

The 601 Blue was also slightly tweaked as well and again the purpose was to get the cigar back to its original blend and state… the one everyone loved when it was first released.

The booth still showed off all of the lines that they have and we were fortunate enough to have Master Blender Hector Alfonso and company owner sit down with us for an interview.  Go check it out!