J.C. Newman Announces 2023 José Gaspar Cigars - Cigar News

J.C. Newman Announces 2023 José Gaspar Cigars – Cigar News

Tampa-based is celebrating the cities famous pirate festival with a new cigar. Since 1885, Tampa has been known as “Cigar City.” Since 1904, pirates have been invading Tampa and throwing a large festival called Gasparilla. Now, for the second year, Cigar Co. is bringing both traditions together by releasing cigars.

was one of most feared pirates in the Americas. Sailing from his base near Tampa Bay in the late 1700s, he terrorized the Gulf of Mexico and amassed a great fortune. Gaspar celebrated victories with a bold and flavorful cigar. This cigar honors his legacy and the tradition of Gasparilla.

Drew Newman, fourth-generation owner

This year, is going to sell 10,000 cigars. The 2023 edition is a different size and new blend from the 2022 version. The 2023 edition of is a 6' x 54 cigar wrapped with an Ecuadorian Shade wrapper. The 2023 cigars are sold in packs of 5 cigars with an MSRP of $40. cigars are only available at the following locations in the Cigar City of Tampa, Florida:

  • Casa de Montecristo
  • Cigar Castle
  • Cigar City Brewery
  • Cigar Company
  • Edwards Pipe and Tobacco
  • Grand Cathedral
  • Hotel Haya
  • Cigar Museum and Factory Store
  • King International Plaza
  • King Cigars
  • Tobacco Depot
  • Vincent & Tampa Cigar Co

“When pirates invade Tampa and parade down Bayshore Boulevard on January 28, they will be enjoying cigars,” added Newman. “Just like the pirates of Gasparilla, however, cigars will sail out of Tampa Bay at the end of January and will not be available again until next year.”

Shortly after Cigar Co. relocated to Tampa in 1954, leading cigar makers invited the late Stanford J. Newman to become a pirate and join the Ye Mystic Krewe of Gasparilla, the organization that hosts the annual Gasparilla celebration. This invitation was a symbol that had been welcomed and accepted into the cigar community in Tampa, which was then widely recognized as the fine cigar capital of the world.