J.C. Newman Announces Vintage Ashtray - Cigar News

J.C. Newman Announces Vintage Ashtray – Cigar News

has announced a new accessory for sale, the Vintage , handcrafted and inspired by the legendary Stork Club in New York. The new ceramic, hand-painted ashtrays have already begin shipping to their account across the nation.

When the swanky Stork Club opened in Manhattan in 1929, it was a place for movie stars, professional athletes, and politicians to be seen. The Stork Club was a place my grandparents, Stanford and Elaine Newman, frequented in New York. Every time celebrities were photographed at the Stork Club, the famous Stock Club was on the table in front of them. I have created this Vintage to celebrate the century-old legacy of the Stork Club and Cigar Co., the oldest family-owned premium cigar company in America.

Drew Newman, fourth generation owner

The measures ten inches in diameter and features stamped, raised lettering that reads “ CIGAR CO., TAMPA, FLA., 1895.” The MSRP is $50.