J.C. Newman Releases Bricktoberfest Cigar - Cigar News

J.C. Newman Releases Bricktoberfest Cigar – Cigar News

For the past five years, J.C. Newman Cigar Co. has released their, now annual, Brick House branded beer stein which their fans can get with a seven-cigar purchase at participating retail locations, dubbed Bricktoberfest. This year, the stein is a 1 liter “Das Boot” and is decorated with the Brick House vista and dated with Bricktoberfest 2022. This year is even more special because instead of just a beer stein, they are also releasing a brand new cigar of that same name.

The Bricktoberfest cigar is a limited edition Brick House toro with a pigtail. Not only is it a new size, but a slightly different blend than the original. The company describes it as the same flavorful and smooth tobacco with just a hint of spiciness that Nicaraguan cigars are known for. This cigar was blended to pair perfectly with a bold Oktoberfest style lager. These limited edition Bricktoberfest pigtails and beer steins are only available at select retail locations which can be found here.

The founder of our company, my grandfather J.C. Newman, was born and raised in the only Brick House in his village in Hungary. This was the inspiration behind our Brick House brand and a depiction of that house can be seen on this year’s Bricktoberfest stein. Although Germany is most known for Oktoberfest, it’s neighboring country Hungary also does it up big in celebration, making Brick House the perfect cigar to smoke when celebrating this Bavarian holiday.

Eric Newman, President and third-generation owner
J.C. Newman Releases Bricktoberfest Cigar - Cigar News