Alec Bradley Announces Reclaimed - Cigar News

Alec Bradley Announces Reclaimed – Cigar News

Alec Bradley Cigar Company has announced a new US exclusive release: Reclaimed. This is a Limited Edition 7-pack sampler, presented in real factory-worn cigar molds bearing the Alec Bradley Reclaimed logo. Only 800 individually numbered Reclaimed sets will be sold. Each contains seven cigars, 6 1/4″ x 54 ring-gauge Figurado iterations each of Black Market, Medalist, Prensado, Magic Toast, Maxx, Gatekeeper and Tempus will be sold. The sets are scheduled to arrive to Alec Bradley appointed US tobacconists ahead of the holiday season.

Reclaimed epitomizes the creative nature of Alec Bradley, the cigar culture and tobacciana. Each individually numbered Reclaimed factory-worn cigar mold is unique and the ultra-limited cigars enclosed are exclusive to the sampler. Reclaimed provides our brand advocates the opportunity to experience premium cigar history.

Alec Bradley Director of Sales & Marketing, Jonathan Lipson

To begin the project, the company ‘reclaimed’ eight hundred antiquated cigar molds, ultimately saving them from obsolescence and destruction. Each upcycled mold is unique in source, wear, and size. To safely hold the seven Figurados, a rectangular cigar slot was carefully routed into the center of each mold. The dimensions thereof are universal across all Reclaimed samplers to protect the structural integrity of even the smallest mold in the lot.

Unlike most Alec Bradley projects where branding is built around the cigar, Reclaimed’s contents needed to be built around the container. Choosing a vitola for the project could only come after establishing the carved out mold’s capacity. Once the dimensions were confirmed, a 6 1/4″ x 54 ring-gauge Figurado was selected for its sleek lines and unique silhouette to complement the rugged beauty of a re-envisioned cigar mold.

These 800 cigar molds may have reached the end of their manufacturing process lifecycle, but their usefulness and novelty have yet to expire. Repurposing them to house limited edition cigars is a fun way to bring a little piece of the factory to our customers and enhance the overall smoking experience.

Second Generation Cigarmaker, Bradley Rubin

Alec Bradley expected to ship these cigars in mid-November 2022. MSRP is $79.95 per set. All cigars made for Reclaimed were rolled at their respective and original factories – Raices Cubanas, Danli, Honduras: Prensado, Magic Toast, and Tempus / Tobacos de Oriente, Danli, Honduras: Black Market, Medalist, Maxx, and Gatekeeper.