JR Cigar Announces Dunbarton Limited Edition “EM” Maduro - Cigar News

JR Cigar Announces Dunbarton Limited Edition “EM” Maduro – Cigar News

The last cigar in the collection comes from none other than and . This special cigar is called the . was once a Executive Consultant. This cigar joins releases from earlier in the year for the including Herrera Esteli, Oliva, Crowned Heads, and .

The “EM” in the name is an homage to Ed McVey, former buyer for . Saka notes that this blend could potentially be released nationally in the future.

This is a prototype of a Mi Querida liga we're developing as a possible addition to our brand portfolio. Our current code name for the project is “MQ Black” as it is intended to be ringed with black bands. It is only fitting that this cigar first be used to celebrate 's 50th Anniversary as its inspiration was the maduro cigars that Ed McVey, the longtime cigar buyer, and I smoked during our tenure over two decades ago at JR.

As with the rest of the Mi Querida line, the is rolled at the NACSA factory in . NACSA has a long history with both and Steve, as that is where all his Mi Querida and Umbagog lines are made. This is also where many of the house brands are rolled. The blend uses a Broadleaf No.1 Dark wrapper, San Andrés Negro binder, and fillers from , Honduras and the .

Steve describes the blend as “bold, full flavored, rich and decadent!” The comes in only one size, a 7.25 x 54 that is a preferred size by both Steve and Ed. The cigars comes in custom boxes of 10 and there were only 500 of them made. Each box retails for $149.50 or $14.95 for a single. It will go on sale December 1st, only at www.JRCigars.com.