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Blind Cigar Review: San Pedro De Macoris | Ecuador Robusto

“I really liked this cigar right from the first glance down to the nub. It was good looking, tasty, well constructed and had enough complexity to keep me interested and happy all the way through. This would be a great morning cigar for me but also a “go to” at any time for a nice well-balanced and relaxing smoke.” –Diana (ArmyRN)

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Blind Cigar Review: Balmoral | Serie Signaturas Dueto Gran Toro

“I immensely enjoyed this cigar. The quality of flavors, smoke, and construction make this one of the highlights of the year for me. I usually would have to smoke another to make sure it wasn’t a fluke, but on this single experience I would highly recommend this cigar to anyone. ” -Alan (Eulogy)

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Quick Cigar Review: Balmoral | Royal Selection Anejo 18 Rothschild Masivo

I guess the only complaint that I have against the cigar is the lack of flavor transitions over the first two thirds. The flavor that was present was good and there was lots of it. If you like an oaky woodiness with a bit of spice, then this would be a perfect match. The performance of this cigar was top notch. I had to pay no attention to the burn or tapping of the ash. With the strength of medium and the flavors that it offered, I would consider this a good middle of the day cigar or maybe the second cigar of the day if you are planning to smoke more than one.

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