Pichardo Cigars Changing to Tiago Cigars - Cigar News

Pichardo Cigars Changing to Tiago Cigars – Cigar News

Cigars has announced the rebranding of its line to Cigars. The line is now named after , co-founder and partner of Cigars. Splitter is a tobacconist, actively involved in all operations of Cigars USA. He is also an Assistant coach for the Brooklyn Nets, and had highly successful NBA career with 2014 Champions, the San Antonio Spurs.

“You get a lot of opportunities after a career in the NBA, but this project, this dream to me is like coming home to people and a company I call family. It's an honor to have my name as a brand and product I personally know to be extraordinarily blended by Meirelles.

, Co-Founder and VP of Cigars

The blends will stay the same, while the packaging and logo only see a slight updated from a “P” to a “T” as well as the ‘Reserva Familiar' line will now be ‘Familia Escogida,' which translates to Chosen Family.

“It was a natural process for the whole team. We believe these blends deserve a worthy and upstanding name. is not only my partner, he's more like a chosen brother. That's what this rebranding is about: honoring him for the extraordinary person he is and elevating the family we choose for ourselves.

Meirelles, Co-Founder and CEO of Cigars

Cigars, along with the rest of the Cigars portfolio, are produced at the Cigars Factory in Estelí, . This updated cigar will start shipping in April of 2023.

Cigars clarified in a press release that they retain sole rights over the name and trademark “,” as well as its logo and design, maintaining its rights for current products in the market and eventual future use.

The Classico line contains 3 blends, Clasico, , Maduro, Sumatra, and Natural. The Familia Escogida contains: Familia Escogida San Andres, Familia Escogida , and Familia Escogida .