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Cigars is based out of Estonia and started by Jeremy Casdagli. They have had a presence since the early 2000’s but until recent years, the brand has mostly been found in  Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Russia, and Saudi Arabia. In 2015, Cigars came to the U.S. market and was distributed by Biggs in Chicago. Now, they are distributed by The Company run by Vlada Stojanov and The Clayton in Chicago. has quite a few lines, the one we are reviewing today is the .

The line was created specifically for the Middle Eastern Market. The name is a reference to a large cannon from 13th Century owned by the Ottomans and was to be used during the siege of the city of Constantinople. There are two blends in the line, C and A. They are two very different blends and each comes in a single size. Both are made at the () in the run by Hendrik Kelner Jr, the son of  Davidoff’s Henke Kelner. Featured in the blend is 11 year aged Bonao binder leaf, one of the leaves found in the OPUS X cigar, along with Pennsylvania broadleaf & Peru Pello D’oro. The C is said to be the milder cigar while the A is said to be fuller. You can purchase Cigars at Small Batch and Cedar Room or chek out their website here for lists of retailers.

Quick Cigar Review: Bespoke | Basilica A

Quick Cigar Review: | A



Flat almond brown wrapper with medium veins that run the length of the cigar. Topped off with a perfect triple cap and shaggy foot below.

Scents of sweetened oak, tobacco, leather and cashew delight the nose while a cold draw reveals mustiness, pear, clove and cinnamon.

Quick Cigar Review: Bespoke | Basilica A

Quick Cigar Review: | A

First Third

Relaxing various flavors of wood, leather, and slightly black peppery cream start off post light. As we move into wrapper territory from the shaggy foot, a very pleasant flavor of almond paste enters the fray while the retrohale is effortless and gives a semi peppery sensation. This is a perfect start for this complex medium bodied experience.

Second Third

Moving into the second third, leather, toast, and floral notes become the baseline flavors while a mild honey like sweetness comes in and out.

Even the aroma of the smoke is intoxicating with leather, must, and medium bodied tobacco lofting about the room.

Final Third

Quick Cigar Review: | A

Lastly, damp wood, a moderate amount of black pepper, nuts and cream lead off the final third. A final transition to dominate leather, cream, mild black pepper, and coconut husk take over on the back half of this knuckle burner.

Overall Impressions

Amazing would be an understatement for this fine luxurious smoke. Ample amounts of complexity and well balanced medium bodied flavors were extracted and deeply appreciated as the blender really knows how to make a grade A smoke.  I cannot sing praises high enough… you MUST… in fact I demand you to buy a and experience what this cigar has to offer… you will be forever spoiled.

Total Score - Extraordinary

-John A. (Bostoneo)

Quick Cigar Review: | A