Quick Cigar Review: E.P. Carrillo | Encore MajesticThe Encore is the first and only Nicaraguan Puro that E.P. Carrillo has ever crafted. Coming behind the 2014 La Historia, the Encore series takes the E.P. Carrillo cigar line to another level. Going back to the roots of cigar making, the Encore wrapper leaves were fermented by placing them between the bark of Royal Palms thus producing a very unique flavor profile. Originally introduced at the 2016 IPCPR, the Encore was to be La Historia Encore. However it was held back as Ernesto felt it wasn’t ready for release and the tobacco was aged another 2 years. That decision made way for what is one of the smoothest, most flavorful and well presented cigars of 2018.

Quick Cigar Review: E.P. Carrillo | Encore MajesticAt first glance this cigar catches your eye. The presentation is downright beautiful. The 5 3/8 x 50 cigar is a soft golden brown. The body is draped with a vanilla colored ribbon at the foot of the cigar with a replicated version of the La Historia bands but in rich colors of brown, gold, copper and white, adorning the body. The vitola creates a comfortable feel in the hand and the wrapper is smooth with a slight oily sheen to the body. Veins are smooth and there are no deformities noted. The cap is well constructed and smooth. After a straight cut, I was able to get a hint of what might be in store from the aroma and dry draw. There was a scent of sweet hay and molasses that reminded me of the molasses horse feed I was around as a teenager. This cigar is inviting in appearance, aroma and feel.

The first puffs produced a white pepper on the tip of my tongue but not enough to outshine the chocolate that got right in my palette. The chocolate came forward on the finish as the white pepper faded off. The cigar is smooth and creamy and as I just get settled into the chocolate notes I’m greeted with citrus flavors that are even more apparent on the retro. A slight caramel sweetness is mixed in that balances the citrus quite nicely. The citrus is taking me a minute to identify but as I progress through the first third I am reminded of orange rind.

Entering the second third the cigar is becoming even more smooth and creamy. I am extremely pleased with the progression of this cigar. Woodsy notes have now entered the flavor experience while the chocolate notes calm and so does the citrus. Toasted nuts are mixed with the wood while the caramel and citrus open up on the finish to produce a vibrant yet earthy smoking experience. The complexity is stunning yet well blended to create an ultra smooth smoke.

Quick Cigar Review: E.P. Carrillo | Encore MajesticThis is a cigar that can truly sneak up on you in the body. It is a medium to full body and full complexity. All of the stars have lined up going into the last third to produce an almost meaty yet sophisticated type of smoke. I would compare it to a filet mignon versus a T-bone steak. Both very good but the filet is smoother with very little iron or mineral flavors. The last third was filet mignon for me. Smooth and creamy with a nice toastiness coming forward that brought me light roasted coffee blended with caramel and orange peel. There was never any bitterness and I was completely satisfied when I finally nubbed this cigar.

The Encore Majestic is the penultimate cigar smoking experience for me. Good looking, well constructed with a very good draw and burn, this smoking experience left me wanting nothing more than what I had. Easy to smoke, enjoyable to my palette and relaxing yet interesting, the Majestic maintained it’s great construction without need for touch-ups while producing a nice amount of bluish white smoke. The flavors were there right from the start with great progression and a weaving type quality that kept me very interested. It hits all my sweet spots of earthiness, chocolate and coffee, citrus and even a bit of nuttiness mixed in from time to time. I don’t buy a lot of boxes of cigars because I really do like variety but I dare say this is one cigar that will have a permanent place on my list of box worthy cigars.

Total Score - Extraordinary

-Diana (ArmyRN)

Quick Cigar Review: E.P. Carrillo | Encore Majestic