Quick Cigar Review: My Father | La Antiguidad Robusto

Quick Cigar Review: | La Antiguidad

Cigar Info

A slightly reddish-hued Ecuadorian Rosado wrapper blankets a double Nicaraguan binder, one Criollo the other Corojo. Inside, a collection of Nicaraguan tobaccos from three prominent growing regions.

(The Antiquity) is the Garcia’s second project to be developed after the mega success of Flor de las Antillas, in which they will once again embrace the authenticity and historic value of the original Cuban art. : Created by master blenders Jose “Pepin” Garcia and Jaime Garcia, is a super-premium cigar handcrafted in , using the world’s finest Cuban seed Nicaraguan grown tobacco. This addition to the Cigars portfolio will continue to showcase the Garcia’s Cuban heritage and respect for tradition. The filler tobacco for is cultivated entirely in on the farms of San Rafael, Las Quebradas, and San Jose, all privately owned and operated properties of Cigars. These tobaccos undergo a very strict and rigorous curing process of no less than three and a half years to guarantee exceptional quality. The Garcia family classifies the blend found in as medium to full in strength, which offers complex yet balanced flavors. Finished with a Ecuador rosado wrapper, is available in boxes of 20, in 5 different box pressed sizes. – 5 1/4 X 52, Toro – 5 5/8 X 55, Corona Grande – 6 3/8 X 47, Super Toro – 7 X 56 and Toro Gordo – 6 X 60.

Quick Cigar Review: My Father | La Antiguedad Robusto

Quick Cigar Review: |

Wrapper: Ecuador Rosado
Binder: Corojo and Criollo


The presentation of these is great, the band is elegant and the red foot band is a nice touch. There is a triple cap and a hard box-press. The Ecuador wrapper is very even in color and pretty smooth.There are very few veins and even seams.The aroma is very earthy with almost a wet mossy smell and oak. Pre-light draw is much the same.

First Third

The first few puffs are fairly peppery as you would expect from , but there’s a nice wood flavor to accompany it. The draw is very light, almost too much. A fairly prominent raw coca flavor comes out after 1/4 an inch and compliments the wood very well. More into the third, some really nice spices come out. The burn has gone a little askew, but the interesting spices make up for it. I’m getting some allspice and nutmeg.

Quick Cigar Review: My Father | La Antiguedad Robusto

Quick Cigar Review: |

Second Third

The flavors have gotten a little more smooth still with the baking spices and wood. There is definitely some black pepper to be found, still with the allspice and nutmeg.

Final Third

The draw has really taken its toll on the burn, and has needed to be fixes a few times, but the flavors are still good. It has gotten a little harsh in this third. Mostly pepper now, but more green instead of black. Finishes out pretty hot, but overall still a good third.

Final Thoughts

This was a good cigar, better than average. It has some really interesting flavors and unique spices. The too loose draw made the burn go wonky and the cigar get hot towards the end, but I think, knowing the quality of cigars coming out of , this is not a normal occurrence. I would definitely smoke this again, but I don’t know if it’s box worthy, maybe a 5er to see how it ages. I give this a personal score of 90.

Quick Cigar Review: My Father | La Antiguedad Robusto

Quick Cigar Review: |