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The cigar is a 6×52 toro. It uses an Ecuadorian wrapper with a binder from Copán, Honduras. The filler is also from Copán, Honduras.

The name comes from a monument at Copán. This monument decoded the history of Copán. Mayan King Yax Pac hired Altar Q in 776AD to create buildings and monuments to demonstrate his divine right to the throne. Part of this was a square block with each side featuring four of his predecessors totaling all 16 rulers. The cigar box is a replica of this monument and each cigar represents one of those 16 rulers, each with their own name on the band.


This is a beautiful medium brown wrapper. Think of a roasted peanut. On the body I pick up heavy barnyard aromas. on the foot I get sweet tea with more barnyard and some cocoa. The cigar is pretty much covered with two bands the big band a depiction of one of the Mayan King’s mentioned before. Then there is a smaller band above that which says Altar Q with Oscars’ name below that in small print. The head has a small nipple, I wouldn’t call it a pigtail necessarily. The cigar is firmly packed, but still gives when I squeeze it. I’ve decided to take off the big band, and leave the smaller one as i smoke it. The wrapper has a really nice oily sheen to it, that the pictures don’t do justice.

Quick Cigar Review: Oscar Valladares | Altar Q Sumatra

Quick Cigar Review: | Altar Q

First Third

On the cold draw I get lots of salt mixed with a musty, mildew type of flavor along with a nuttiness. Fist initial puffs bring out a nice sweet tobacco flavor mixed with nuttiness on the retrohale. The strength is medium at best at this point. There is a lot of smoke out put on this cigar. This cigar is burning really nice and cool, ash fell off about a 1/4 of an inch in once chunk. There is a little bit of honey coming through now which really rounds out the cigars’ sweetness without overpowering it.

Second Third

Moving into the second-third and the strength is still staying to a medium. That honey flavor is really front and center on the retro and really coats the palate with a sort of slickness. The nuttiness mixed with the honey is a nice flavor switch that doesn’t happen with too many cigars sadly. A small coffee flavor has seeped into the mix, but just barely along with some bread or wheat.

Final Third

Quick Cigar Review: Oscar Valladares | Altar Q Sumatra

Quick Cigar Review: | Altar Q

The beginning of the final third ramps up in strength, not a lot so it’s still a medium, but there is a bit of spice coming in now. The spice has now subsided, and it has returned to that wonderful honey sweetness. Time to remove the final band. I would like to add that there have been no touch-ups needed. The burn has been flawless.

Overall Impressions

This was a really nice cigar, and I’m surprised by how well it preformed given that it was on the IPCPR show floor last week, and already in stores. Yes, I purchased this one. The flavors were mostly honey with a nuttiness and a bit of coffee and some spice. As I mentioned before the burn was top notch, and not one touch up was needed. I really enjoyed this cigar, and I think it would make a nice 1st stick of the day, but bear in mind this is a toro, so there is some time commitment, as this cigar last me right around 95 mins.

Total Score - Very Good

-Mickey T. (irratebass)

Quick Cigar Review: | Altar Q