Quick Cigar Review: Padilla | La Pilar No. 4 Toro

Cigar Info

The Padilla La Pilar No. 4 was released at the 2015 show. It features a wrapper from Ecuador and a blend of Dominican and Nicaraguan filler inside a Nicaraguan binder. Available in a 7.5×57 Churchill, a 6×52 and a 5×54 Robusto, and all formed into a nice looking box-press shape. The La Pilar No. 4 is made at the Tabacalera Aguilar factory in .

Pre-Light Notes

The La Pilar No. 4 is beautifully made. Clean lines on the box-pressed corners, without being too sharp. It has well hidden seams and a smooth feel to the wrapper. A slight sheen of oil and a very delicate tooth round out the look of this chocolate bar colored cigar. The aromas that come from the cigar are reminiscent of a pot of chocolate simmering inside a tobacco barn.

Quick Cigar Review: Padilla | La Pilar No. 4 Toro

First Third

When the fire hits this cigar, the first draws bring flavors of cedar and a mild spice. Plenty of smoke output comes from each draw, even though the draw is a bit on the snug side. Some notes of leather and pepper join the profile in the first third while the burn line is even and sharp. The ash holds through the first third until I tap it off myself.

Second Third

The La Pilar No. 4 continues to please in the middle third. It is not an overly complex cigar, but the flavors that are there are well defined. Some notes of cocoa and earth show up, along with a little bit of a sweet touch. The smoke output is still very good and the draw is starting to open up a bit. The middle third closes out with a kick. I notice a definite ramp up in strength which helps the flavors even more. The body is still medium.

Quick Cigar Review: Padilla | La Pilar No. 4 Toro

Quick Cigar Review: | La Pilar No. 4

Final Third

Closing on a high note, the La Pilar No. 4 brings a little more flavor and strength to the end of the cigar. The texture of the smoke is becoming very dense. Flavors of charred oak and coffee are a nice addition to the sweetness and leather flavors that came before. The retrohale is almost too bold for me at this point but still rich and flavorful. The nub gets soft but not too hot at the very end, and I wish for more. Very nice finish.

Overall Thoughts

The La Pilar No. 4 was a great burner. Clean burn line, no touch-ups and no relights. It had consistent smoke output and a draw that improved as it went on. The smoke had a nice full texture and pleasing aroma. The flavor profile was not extreme or complex but each individual flavor component was defined and clean. I always enjoy an increase in strength toward the end and the La Pilar No. 4 delivered that very well. At about 82 minutes, its a long burn time for a box-pressed . That brings more value and more enjoyment. I would gladly reach for this cigar again.

-Matthew T. (A Huge Nerd)

Total Score - Very Good

Quick Cigar Review: | La Pilar No. 4