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cigars announced the launch of the brand in 2015, headed up by James Agopian. The launch contained 3 separate lines, the Mr White, Mr. Black, and Mr Red.   The is a Dominican HVC, the Mr. Black is a Nicaraguan wrapped cigar, and finally the Mr. Red a .   Each of these lines comes in a , Belicoso, Presidente & Scala (A very distinct limited edition perfecto size).


Quick Cigar Review: Sinistro | Mr. White Robusto Mr White Details:

Quick Cigar Review: Sinistro | Mr. White RobustoPre-light

Quick Review: Sinistro | Mr. White Robusto

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The cigar has a nice light brown wrapper.  I had to of these to choose from and one was considerably lighter than the other.    Obviously this didn’t come from the same box but just some singles I picked up.    I chose the darker of the two and really love the contrast of the white and silver on the band vs the wrapper.      Getting a bit of barnyard on the wrapper and some nice cedar notes on the foot.

First Third

Right out of the gate the draw is perfect as It has just the right amount of resistance on the pull.    I am getting tons of sweetness with a tingle of spice.   Getting some nice floral notes on the retro with a pinch of pepper.   Strength wise this cigar is starting out fairly mild but the body is medium.

Second Third

Quick Review: Sinistro | Mr. White Robusto

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The second third begins with an uptick of strength from the mild to a medium as it progresses.    The Pinch of pepper remains and the sweetness slowly transitioned to a more toasted sugar (Yes this is a thing).   The cigar is still performing well with just a touch up here or there to keep the burn even.

Final Third

The Final third comes with not a lot of changes from the second third as the strength remains a medium at best.   Getting a bit more toastiness  or even a bit of charred wood as the cigar closes out.

Overall Impressions

Quick Review: Sinistro | Mr. White Robusto

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One thing to note I have had this cigar in my humidor for at least two years.   As this is the first time having it I can’t really tell you what that age has done to the blend. The cigar started out very light and sweet with a bit of pepper which is exactly what I would have expected from this blend just by understanding what is in it as well as looks.  The cigar was a pleasure to smoke all the way through with only a few touch ups here or there that I am sure would have corrected itself.   The cigar did crack on me but I chuck that up to winter smoking and a fragile wrapper.   I would for sure recommend picking some of these up as this thing just screams “Drink me with some espresso!”

Total Score - Great


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