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Tag: Dominican HVA

Quick Cigar Review: Sinistro | Mr. White Robusto

One thing to note I have had this cigar in my humidor for at least two years. As this is the first time having it I can’t really tell you what that age has done to the blend. The cigar started out very light and sweet with a bit of pepper which is exactly what I would have expected from this blend just by understanding what is in it as well as looks. The cigar was a pleasure to smoke all the way through with only a few touch ups here or there that I am sure would have corrected itself. The cigar did crack on me but I chuck that up to winter smoking and a fragile wrapper. I would for sure recommend picking some of these up as this thing just screams “Drink me with some espresso!”

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Blind Cigar Review: MLB Cigar Ventures | Imperia Robusto

“This was a great cigar to smoke. It didn’t have all the bells and whistles that others may have when looking at it, but boy did it do everything right. From the near perfect construction to the intriguing flavors that slowly build, this cigar felt like a well thought out project. I will be stocking up on a few of these for a later time.” -Kent (Throck)

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