Quick Cigar Review: Viaje | Zombie Super Shot 2019

Quick Cigar Review: Viaje | Zombie Super Shot 2019

Quick Cigar Review: Viaje | Zombie Super Shot 2019Cigar Info

The is a combination of two limited lines both the and . The line debuted in 2011 and has been re-released a few times since. The came out in 2012 and has also has several releases in years since then.

The blend uses the blend of the line, but incorporates the size from the line, using a Nicaraguan 98 wrapper over with Nicaraguan binder and fillers. It comes in 25 -count boxes and sells for $7.60.


It's a very attractive but small cigar. The wrapper is a slightly toothy, milk chocolate brown that's oily to the touch. I really like the look of the closed foot but I think that all of the line has that feature. There's a really nice weight to the cigar and is completely solid to the touch. The wrapper and the closed foot both have a barnyard and strong tobacco note. I can't even get a pre-draw due to the closed foot.

Quick Cigar Review: Viaje | Zombie Super Shot 2019First Third

The first few puffs are a deep rich tobacco with red pepper finish. Dark chocolate starts to develop and it's reminding me of a strong stout when black coffee joins in on the party. I'm finding a dry cedar note at times with a leather finish but it isn't consistent.

Quick Cigar Review: Viaje | Zombie Super Shot 2019 Second Third

It's surprising how slow this cigar is burning. I'm at the second third after about forty minutes. The level of pepper has backed down a lot it doesn't have the same red pepper bite. Leather has really become the star of this third with more of an earthy note and a slightly sweet chocolate note.

Quick Cigar Review: Viaje | Zombie Super Shot 2019 Final Third

I'm finding more of a brown sugar sweetness at the end. Leather, mineral, cedar, and a slight uptick in pepper round out the profile. My biggest complaint is that the smoke output has become slightly thinner than the previous thirds.

Final Thoughts

I think this is the best of the shotgun shell series. The profile changes throughout kept it super engaging and I was always trying to figure out the flavors that were coming through. The burn was very sharp, the smoke output was great but I would have liked a slightly chewier smoke, and how slow it burned was super impressive. Like a lot of exclusives they're hard to find but this one is certainly worth seeking out.

-Alan (Eulogy)

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