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Tag: Andre Farkas

Quick Cigar Review: Viaje | Zombie Super Shot 2019 Score 95%

Quick Cigar Review: Viaje | Zombie Super Shot 2019

I think this is the best of the shotgun shell series. The profile changes throughout kept it super engaging and I was always trying to figure out the flavors that were coming through. The burn was very sharp, the smoke output was great but I would have liked a slightly chewier smoke, and how slow it burned was super impressive. Like a lot of Viaje exclusives they’re hard to find but this one is certainly worth seeking out.

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Quick Cigar Review: Viaje | Scotch Bonnet

I was impressed with how cool this burned through out. Probably due to the top notch construction and the shape was a bit of a conversation starter. The flavors were clean, although very peppery, and it ended a little stronger in strength than I usually enjoy. Great short smoke on a cold day or if you’re in the mood for something a little on the stronger side of strength.

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