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Tag: Daniel Marshall

IPCPR 2017 – Daniel Marshall – Blind Man’s Puff

This year happens to be the 35th Anniversary of Daniel Marshall creating his first humidor. As a part of this celebration, he unveiled at the IPCPR trade show his 35th Anniversary Whiskey Humidor, of which there will be only 35 made, that pays homage to the original humidor that he made 35 years ago to go. It comes with 10 specially made cigars that has 3 wrappers that change as you burn down the cigar to match up with specific whiskey pairing from Glenfiddich.

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Quick Cigar Review: Daniel Marshall Red Label Churchill

This was a very smooth cigar. Being a Churchill, it presents a long experience. There were some good flavor transitions, but oak was the predominant flavor throughout which mixed well with the other flavors that presented themselves. I think this cigar would be great in the morning paired with some coffee or as the first cigar of the day. It could also be paired with some other libations that aren’t overpowering such as a nice peaty Scotch. I could definitely see myself smoking more of these.

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