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Tag: Killer Bee

Blind Cigar Review: Black Works Studio | Killer Bee

“Overall, this cigar is a home run. I know this was a Black Works Studio Killer Bee and I have smoked at least 20 of them since the release, however sitting back and taking notes on this cigar was a joy. Even though this vitola is a petite corona (4 1/2 x 44-46), it easily satisfies the palate and/or cigar itch. On the exhale we had a plethora of dark roasted malts, creamy chocolate, oak, hazelnut, baking spices, black pepper, and dry compact earth. Thru the nose was consistent throughout the whole cigar experience with dark floral notes and a spice laced sweetness. Store this cigar at low RH 62-64 to experience all this cigar has to offer. Kudos to James and torcedors at Fabrica Oveja Negra.” –Matt C. (Big Matt)

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