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Tag: Las Cumbres Tabaco

Blind Cigar Review: Las Cumbres Tabaco | Freyja Valhalla

“Overall, it was good. The flavors were interesting, but made a good overall flavor. It was consistent flavor wise from beginning to end, with the only real change being in the final third, when it seemed to maybe increase in strength. I gotta admit I was ready to let it go at the end as it was getting to be a bit boring in the flavor dept. I probably wouldn’t smoke one everyday, but a couple of times a week might be OK just due to my preference in flavors. I prefer peppery, spicy stogies, preferably Maduros, but your mileage may vary.” -Robert (NavyPiper)

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Blind Cigar Review: Señorial By Jose Blanco | Belicoso No.2

“I really liked this cigar. It was a great middle of the day smoke, not too strong, not too weak. It reminded me of the Sun Grown Perdomo Champagne. There was lots of flavor, but not too much spice, until the end, when it needed it. I would definitely smoke this again, and might buy a few to age.” -Emmett (rhetorik)

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