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Cigar News: A.C.E. Prime Announces M.X.S. Dominique Wilkins – Diamond Edition Box

A.C.E. Price introduced the M.X.S. line at last years IPCPR trade show. It included two blends, one made by Dominique Wilkins and the other made by Tiago Splitter. Now, to celebrate his 60th birthday, Dominique Wilkins is releasing a special Diamond Edition Box individually signed by the man himself. It also has a 3D printed image of the NBA superstar in flight and contains the reserved, aged first batch of the M.X.S. Dominique Wilkins cigars.

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Blind Cigar Review: A.C.E. Prime | M.X.S. by Tiago Splitter Sublime Score 87%

Blind Cigar Review: A.C.E. Prime | M.X.S. by Tiago Splitter Sublime

“This cigar had an outstanding start, with excellent flavors and transition. It really had a lot going for it. Unfortunately the burn problems more than halfway in took away from the joy this cigar had been. ” -Isaac M. (The Nothing)

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Cigar News: A.C.E. Prime Cigars Launching at IPCPR 2019

A new cigar company is officially launching this year at the IPCPR trade show and convention: A.C.E. Prime. There will be five lines launched at the beginning> The first two lines are  M.X.S. by Dominique Wilkins and M.X.S. by Tiago Splitter. M.X.S. stands for Maximum Excellence and Success. The two lines are created for former NBA players Dominique Wilkins, and Tiago Splitter. Both will be in attendance at the show.

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