United Cigars Announces Stadium Series II - Cigar News

United Cigars Announces Stadium Series II – Cigar News

has announced a new cigar to celebrate Baseball's Opening Day – II. This is the second in the series although the first, Asylum Green Monstah, didn't make it to shelves because of a trademark issue. The II is a collaboration with CLE Cigars and will ship next week. 1000 hand-crafted chests were made to hold 12 CLE Corojo 11/18 cigars.

The cigars inside are not unique to the set. The II contains 12 of the company's regular production CLE Corojo 11/18. The blend for that cigar uses a Honduran Corojo wrapper with Honduran binder and fillers. They come layered in two rows of six, and are individually wrapped with the classic CLE tissue paper trademark and United Cigar themed pinstripes. It also comes with a secondary band that says . The I was designed to hold nine cigars for the nine innings of regulation baseball but for the second series they decided it needed more.

We had to go a few extra-innings to get this one done. Made the call to the Bullpen and got 3 more innings out of CLE.

Oliver Nivaud, Director of Operations for

The is intended to be an annual release as a nod to the venues around the world that bring us sports and entertainment. As part of the Series Unidas, the will continue to feature collaborations with other manufacturers. II begins shipping to retailers April 11th with a suggested retail of $120 per box.