Accessory Review: Xikar | Envoy High Performance Cigar CaseWarning!!! The following contains spoilers for Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi. As I write that, I am all but certain it is the first time anyone has warned about Start Wars spoilers in a review for a . In addition to being an enthusiast about everything in the cigar world, I am also a nerd. The nerd thing tends to play affect the way I see the world. I’ve gotten used to it.

Accessory Review: Xikar | Envoy High Performance Cigar Case

Anyway… Let’s take a break from the nerd stuff and get on with the review. The Envoy 3 is a newly styled addition to the well-established Envoy line. The case has a beautiful exterior of black leather. This is nicely accented with a diamond pattern stitching. The  quilt thread pattern really pops against the leather background. Every stitch and every leather surface is near flawless and very well crafted.

Accessory Review: Xikar | Envoy High Performance Cigar CaseAccessory Review: Xikar | Envoy High Performance Cigar Case


The wow factor in this case comes from the top. It is a metal accent piece with a nice polished finish. The narrow fins with the black contrast insets are meant to mimic the look of the cooling fins on an engine. Just like the cruiser motorcycles that this look is meant to emulate, the contrast of the black leather against the shiny chrome is a look. Even with the v-twin styling, this case would also feel at home in the breast pocket of your favorite business suit.


As I was examining this case, this is the point where my inner nerd kicked in. Those beautiful fins reminded me of something, but it wasn’t necessarily what the manufacturer had intended. Star Wars. Of course, it was Star Wars. I can’t help it, but those shiny chrome lines with the black accented background remind me of the helmet worn by Kylo Ren. Combine that with the red accent stitching and this case just says “Kylo Ren” to me. Now I have no illusions about officially licensed Star Wars cigar accessories hitting the store shelves anytime soon, but I can’t help but make the association in my nerd brain. Mind you, this is the same helmet that Kylo Ren removes after being shamed by Snoke, only to destroy the helmet moments later in one of his trademark fits of rage. I think Kylo Ren kills Snoke later in the movie because he loved that helmet so much. Those chrome fins just pull the whole look together. That’s my fan theory and I’m sticking to it.

Accessory Review: Xikar | Envoy High Performance Cigar CaseAnyway, back to the case itself. As beautiful as it is outside, the inside is just as nice. It is fully lined with a beautiful Spanish cedar veneer. This model also holds up to 3, 60 RG cigars. This is a step above the original Envoy line, which maxed out at 54 RG. I put 5 lancero cigars in the case and I think a 6th would have also fit. If you typically smoke smaller RG cigars, this case will definitely do better than 3 sticks. When I go places with cigar I tend to bring a larger case. That is because I live to have extra cigars to pass around, but this case will certainly give you room for one to smoke and a few to share.

Accessory Review: Xikar | Envoy High Performance Cigar CaseThe only drawback I found with the case it the weight added to the top because of the metal accent. It makes the case top heavy. Not only can this be a problem when standing the case on a table at the cigar lounge, it also makes it somewhat easy for the top of the case to slide off when the case is upside down. These are not deal breakers, just something for you to be aware of.

Accessory Review: Xikar | Envoy High Performance Cigar CaseAll in all, I really like this case. It is beautiful, and catches eyes from across the room. I was complimented on it many times at the lounge. It is also solidly constructed as to protect cigars while on the go. I didn’t try to run it over with my car, but I think it would keep cigars safe from a fall or an overly aggressive coat-check girl. If you are looking for a highly attractive pocket case with an eye-catching look, the Envoy High Performance will serve you well.  MSRP is $89.99

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Verdict: Good