ACE Prime Announces Mas Igneus - Cigar News

ACE Prime Announces Mas Igneus – Cigar News

Ace Prime has announced a brand new, regular production line for the PCA Trade show this week. The cigar is named after Ace Prime’s partner and award winning winery located in the Priorat, Spain. Mas Igneus is a Catalan expression that can be translated as “House of Ignition.”

The goal of this particular blend was a balanced PH, medium-full taste profile and to retain the traditional signature of its blender Luciano Meirelles: strength without aggression.

ACE Prime Announces Mas Igneus - Cigar News

The company offers this description: “This cigar features notes of dark chocolate and oak with a creamy smoke texture, a carefully crafted cigar for any situation. The intention was to develop a cigar that is both an extraordinary stand alone experience, as well as a perfect match for the “M” wine from the traditional Mas Igneus Winery. Its balanced PH makes it possible to also pair with dense wines such Malbecs, Cabernet Sauvignon, Granaches, Shiraz and Bordeaux.”

Luciano Meirelles had been friends with the owners of Mas Igneus, Ornella Valcke, Jerome Valcke for many years before becoming partners. The Mas Igneus Winery is located in the heart of Priorat, in one of the most exclusive wine-growing regions in the world, just 80 miles North of Barcelona, Spain.

At Mas Igneus, our goal is to bottle every wine with passion, dedication, and confidence in what we’ve created. To find that same commitment with Luciano, and Ace Prime, in creating what is not only an independently innovative cigar, but something that can be paired with our wines is priceless.

WSAT Sommelier and Co-Founder of Mas Igneus Ornella Valcke

This is not the first collaboration between Mas Igneus and ACE Prime. At the end of 2021, ACE Prime launched a wine produced by Mas Igneus to be paired with the Luciano – The Dreamer cigar.

We are thrilled with all of our joint projects. Blending a cigar and winemaking are independently captivating processes, but to work jointly on this, it’s simply been a remarkable journey. Ace Prime and Mas Igneus have created the ultimate pairing experience: defined by elements that stand independently perfectly as well. Searching for a balanced PH in the combined leaves was an interesting journey to say the least…

Luciano Meirelles, president and co-founder of Ace Prime – Tabacalera Pichardo

The blend for Mas Igneus uses a Corojo 98 Ecuadorian High Prime wrapper, Brazilian Binder. and Nicaraguan fillers. It comes in four vitolas: Short Robusto 4 ½ x 50 $11.95, Toro 6 x 52 $12.45, Ancho 5 x 54 $12.95, and Excellente 6 x 60 $13.45.

When hearing about this project by Luciano and Pichardo, it was evident that it was pretty ambitious. It’s not easy to blend a cigar that pairs with wines, but to do it well is a rare accomplishment I believe they have achieved with Mas Igneus.

Miguel Schoedel, National Sales Manager of Crowned Heads